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2010-11-14 18:51:48 by Kriegkuntsler

I have no flash skills, I can barely use photoshop right. Hence forth I need to be educated on the subject. I can draw so thats not a problem but i cant draw on the computer I'm more of a graphic artist. I know I'm selling myself short but I'm not trying to say that the greatest who ever lived. Please help me.


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2010-11-14 19:07:01

try committing suicide

Kriegkuntsler responds:

did that did'nt work still cant use comfuker right


2010-11-14 19:17:01

So you need help with how to use flash? Then have some tutorials: (

As for drawing, if you want to draw seriously on the computer then you could try to get a hold on a tablet ( _tablet), although I've heard that they are quite expensive.

Kriegkuntsler responds:



2010-11-14 19:33:04

flying armadillos

Kriegkuntsler responds:

Bacon fap anything else you would to say.


2010-11-18 02:16:02

Comment on my newspost.

Kriegkuntsler responds:

either you photoshopped that image, drew it, or are just a sick fuck who watches pedo-porn